A major shipping monopoly in North America ported their Mainframe batch (25+) jobs to Java platform. This porting was done by one of the top 3 consulting companies of India. Because of the world-class architecture, selection of frameworks and code written by them, Jobs took 16:04 hours to complete. Batch jobs that were started at 6:00 pm PST completed around 10:00 am PST next day. Due to which business was suffering from couple of complications:

1. China operations who comes online during Pacific night time got hurt because batch jobs were still running.

2. Since Batch jobs are running till next day 10:00 am, their next day US online transactions were also getting hurt.

As management started to feel the heat, they engaged me to help them out. As the famous saying goes: “If Technology goes beyond a point, it will start to appear like magic”. Such magic was performed.


Without causing any production defects, without making major intrusive changes to the application within *2 months* I was able to bring down the overall run time from 16:04 hours to 3:14 hours, which is 79.8% reduction. Stated in other words, before the optimization – you will have to wait till next day’s breakfast time to see the batch complete. After the optimization, on the same day’s dinner time you can see the batch to complete.

During this 2 months period new functional requirements were added to the batch jobs (because of their new business acquisition) and their traffic volume grew by 20%. Despite those hurdles, this miracle was achieved.

If your application is also suffering from the midas touch of such Godly consulting companies, please don’t hesitate to reach me.