GCeasy is ranked in position #6 in ThoughtWorks Technology Radar at Chicago Coder Conference 2017, an event focused on developer and manager. Its globally renown speakers and peer interactive platform delivers high-value participant return.


ThoughtWorks’ Technology Radar is a biannual publication that examines the current software technology trend and offers opinions on current technology and techniques deserving of a closer look.  The Technology Radar has four areas of focus: Technique, Tools, Platform and Language & Frameworks and each quadrant cover four recommendations: Adopt, Trial, Assess, and Hold. 

In this radar, totally 56 products/technologies were listed. The technology tool recommended for the “Adopt” category includes GCeasy in #6 position along with other renowned tools: Xamarin, Xamarin Studio, Hadoop 2.0, Selenium, fastThread and Service Stack. 

Our DevOps Cloud tool named in ThoughtWorks Technology Radar’s forward thinking release is a testament of how performance minded companies have benefited from these tools. GCeasy is used to optimize and troubleshoot memory usage of JVM and Android applications.