This document provides key highlights of the ‘PRO++’ edition over the free ‘PUBLIC’ edition.

1. Machine Learning

Fig: ML problem detection & recommendation in PRO/PRO++ edition

GCeasy tool’s machine learning algorithms can detect problems in your GC logs and recommend solutions to the problem. This feature is provided only in the PRO++ edition. In the free ‘PUBLIC’ edition, this feature is not available.

2. More Uploads

In the free ‘PUBLIC’ edition, you can analyze only up to 5 GC logs/month. In PRO++ edition, you can analyze up to 300 GC logs/month.

3. More API calls

In the free ‘PUBLIC’ edition, you can make 5 API calls/month. In PRO++ edition, you can make up to 300 API calls/month.

4. Large size file

In the free ‘PUBLIC’ edition, you can upload GC logs of maximum size 10mb, whereas, in PRO++ subscription, you can upload files of size 300mb.

5. PDF Download capability

Fig: PDF export capability in PRO/PRO++ edition

In PRO++ edition, you can download the analysis report in PDF format. It makes it easy for you to circulate the PDF report amongst your team members. This feature is not available in the ‘PUBLIC’ edition.