Hi Friends! This is all about our yCrash Team having a fun time together. Before explaining how our trip goes, We are dedicating a short poem. 

‘Work Together, We ‘Get Together’”

It’s a Happiness 😍 for Ever!

‘The Unforgettable ✨ Moments’ – Together

That would come Again Never 🙅! …

Friends Together! Strength Together 🙌!

Great Success with Hands Together 🙌!

Work 💻 Together! Achievement 🥅 Together!

Heart 💝 Fulfilled Happiness 🥰 Together!

Almost after 2 years of Pandemic, Our team has planned to meet and go on a trip to Chennai, India. Because we have not seen each other and we just heard each other’s voices over Zoom meetings. But it was a Rainy season, almost everywhere it was raining and it was flooding. We had a thought running in our head, whether we will be able to meet or not, whether our transportation will run or not, we were hoping for good that our Transportation should not get Cancelled due to heavy rains. And we have to reach the destination no matter what happens 😂😆. And Thank God 🙏! We luckily reached the destination. God had mercy on us. 

From the Airport, with the Chilling climate, we were reaching one of the beautiful Resorts on ECR road.  We met all our team members along with their families. Believe Guys! After spending 3 days with fun filling moments, We felt each other family as our own family and we didn’t have the feeling that our families are different from each other. 

On the last day of our trip, we don’t want to leave, we wanted to stay together. We are really missing the Trip. We felt like the time should go slow when we were there together as a team. We were discussing go more trips in the future. We missed some of our Team members, who couldn’t make it for this trip. We want to thank Kumar for taking all the efforts for organizing this trip plan. Thank You! to all the Team members who came to this trip and made this trip a cherishable memory, Wishing much more to come!!

We would like to share with you guys a few happy moments: