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In this modern world, Garbage collection logs are still analyzed in a tedious & manual mode. i.e. you have to get hold of your Devops engineer who has access to production servers, then he will mail you the  Continue reading “GARBAGE COLLECTION LOG ANALYSIS API”

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JVM is the most popular programming platform in the world. It empowers thousands of enterprises to run their mission-critical applications. However, tuning, optimizing and troubleshooting JVM is not a trivial job.

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Surviving Covid19 – Effective way to cut-down IT spending

Covid19 pandemic has already put a deep economic dent globally. US stock market has experienced the worst crash since 1987. Sooner or later, Enterprises have to figure out a plan to run their organizations on tight budgets. In this below 10 minute interview, our architect Ram Lakshmanan is sharing an effective way to cut down enterprise IT spending 20 – 30% without doing any lay-offs.

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7 JVM arguments of Highly Effective Applications

At the time (March 2020) of writing this article there are 600+ arguments that you can pass to JVM just around Garbage collection and memory. If you include other aspects, total JVM arguments count will easily cross 1000+. 😊. It’s way too many arguments for anyone to digest and comprehend. In this article, we are highlighting seven important JVM arguments that you may find it useful.

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Advantages of setting -Xms and -Xmx to same value

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Shooting the troubles – Confoo Canada Conference talk (video)

ConFoo.CA Developer Conference
is one of the biggest conferences for web developers, that took place in Canada. This Conference had 155 presentations by popular international speakers focused on pragmatic solutions for developers, enthusiastic attendees and delightful atmosphere!

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Benefits of PRO++ subscription

This document provides key highlights of the ‘PRO++’ edition over the free ‘PUBLIC’ edition.

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GCeasy API – Remote Location

In Garbage collection log analysis API we have introduced a new feature called Remote Location. Using this feature now you can pass the http(s) URL location of your GC log in the request.

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jstat – Analysis

jstat is a simple utility tool, that is present in JDK to provide JVM performance-related statistics like garbage collection, compilation activities. The major strength of jstat is its ability to capture these metrics dynamically when JVM is running without any pre-requisite instrumentation. What do we mean by it? Say for example if you want to capture garbage collection related statistics, you need to pass below arguments before you start the JVM:

Continue reading “jstat – Analysis” Munich – Troubleshooting real Production Problems

W-JAX is a conference for modern Java and web development, for software architecture and innovative infrastructure with well-known experts from the industry. Renowned experts share their professional experiences in Sessions and Power Workshops.

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All Day Devops – Troubleshooting Performance & Availability Problems

All Day DevOps is the world’s largest online DevOps conference which is attended by 37,000 engineers all throughout the world. In this 2019 All Day DevOps Conference, our architect Ram Lakshmanan was invited to give the talk.  Continue reading “All Day Devops – Troubleshooting Performance & Availability Problems”

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