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Cruising to Savings: Uber’s Roadmap to Efficient Go Garbage Collection

Uber focused on reducing the cost of compute capacity by improving efficiency. They saved 70K Cores Across 30 Mission-Critical Services by doing Go GC Tuning. Here, we are going to summarize how they implemented it, what they have achieved, and why GC tuning is important. If you want to read more about their highly effective, low-risk, large-scale, semi-automated Go GC tuning mechanism, you can refer to their article

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Oracle Architect optimizes performance using GCeasy

Prabhakar Jonnalagadda is the performance architect in Oracle. He was presented with a performance problem of an application which had following symptoms:

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Automobile company optimizes performance using GCeasy

One the world’s largest automobile manufacturers has optimized their middleware platform’s response time by several folds. This world renowned enterprise optimized their garbage collection performance using our GCeasy tool and was able to reduce their overall application’s response time by a stunning 49.46%

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Garbage Collection tuning success story – reducing young gen size

When you tune Garbage collection performance, you are not only improving Garbage collection pause time but also the overall application’s response time and reducing cloud computing cost. Recently we helped to tune the Garbage collection behavior of a popular application. Just by making a minor change, it resulted in a dramatic improvement. Let’s discuss this garbage collection tuning success story in this post.

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DSquare trading App addressed GC Pauses using GCeasy

Dsquare is a highly specialized FX trading boutique. They are focused on consistently outperforming the market in short term trading. They use algorithmic trading models in the world’s biggest market-average daily volumes in foreign exchange to execute their strategies well in excess of $3 trillion.

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Uber optimizes Garbage collection performance using GCeasy

Recent times, Uber has been experiencing exponential growth in its traffic. Recent spike in traffic volume exposed several memory related performance bottlenecks in their platform: long garbage collection (GC) pauses, memory corruption, out-of-memory (OOM) exceptions, and memory leaks. In this brilliant article, the Uber engineering team summarizes their optimization journey: What all the challenges they faced, the tools they used, best practices they followed to fix their application’s performance bottlenecks. 

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CloudBees GC performance optimized with GCeasy

Cloudbees, who is the industry leader behind Jenkins CI/CD pipeline has optimized their garbage collection performance using GCeasy.

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TD Bank using GCeasy

TD Bank (one of the largest bank in Canada) use our products: GCeasy, FastThread and HeapHero.

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Workday, leader in cloud ERP system for Finance, HR and planning is our customer. On Feb’ 21, 2019 Workday invited our architect Ram Lakshmanan to their headquarters located in Pleasanton, CA Continue reading “WORKDAY – GUEST LECTURE”

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