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Oracle Architect optimizes performance using GCeasy

Prabhakar Jonnalagadda is the performance architect in Oracle. He was presented with a performance problem of an application which had following symptoms:

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This Is Garbage Talk. Don’t Attend! – ADDO Conference 2022

ADDO conference is one of the largest online communities of DevOps professionals in the world. Every year they give the opportunity to learn from one another on a massive scale.

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You might be wasting millions of dollars in garbage Collection – JAX London!

Every year in October, JAX London is the go-to event for Java and Software Architecture enthusiasts! It is a four-day conference for cutting-edge software engineers and enterprise-level professionals.

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Automobile company optimizes performance using GCeasy

One the world’s largest automobile manufacturers has optimized their middleware platform’s response time by several folds. This world renowned enterprise optimized their garbage collection performance using our GCeasy tool and was able to reduce their overall application’s response time by a stunning 49.46%

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Garbage Collection CPU Statistics

When a Garbage Collection event runs, it spends a predominant amount of its time in the Java application layer. It also spends a certain portion of its time in the Operating System/Kernel layer. 

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In which region intern strings are stored?

intern() is an interesting function in java.lang.String object. intern() function eliminates duplicate string objects from the application and has potential to reduce overall memory consumption of your application. To understand how string intern() function works you may refer to this interesting blog. Intern strings are stored in a string pool in the JVM memory. JVM Memory has following regions:

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Java Hashtable, HashMap, ConcurrentHashMap – Performance impact

There are a good number of articles that articulate functional differences between HashMap, HashTable and ConcurrentHashMap. This post compares the performance behavior of these data structures through practical examples. If you don’t have patience to read the entire post, here is bottom line: When you confront with the decision of whether to use HashMap or HashTable or ConcurrentHashMap, you can consider using ConcurrentHashMap since it’s thread-safe implementation, without compromise in performance.

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Let’s crash the applications! – Confoo 2022

ConFoo Montreal is a multi-technology conference for developers. This year , they have conducted the program to exchange knowledge and ideas from speakers all over the world. Our Architect Ram Lakshmanan was invited to give a talk on the topic: “Let’s crash the applications!”

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Garbage Collection tuning success story – reducing young gen size

When you tune Garbage collection performance, you are not only improving Garbage collection pause time but also the overall application’s response time and reducing cloud computing cost. Recently we helped to tune the Garbage collection behavior of a popular application. Just by making a minor change, it resulted in a dramatic improvement. Let’s discuss this garbage collection tuning success story in this post.

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