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Is Garbage Collection Consuming High CPU in My Application?

Automatic garbage collection is a prevalent feature in modern programming languages such as Golang, Node.js, Java, .NET, and Python. While it offers convenience to developers by automatically removing unreferenced objects from memory, it can also result in excessive CPU consumption.... Continue Reading →

How to reduce CPU consumption caused by Garbage Collection?

All the modern programming languages such as Golang, nodejs, Java, .net, python,.... does automatic garbage collection to remove unreferenced objects from memory. While this automatic garbage collection provides convenience to developers, it can come at a cost: excessive CPU consumption.... Continue Reading →

How to do GC Log analysis?

Analyzing garbage collection log provides several advantages like: Reduces GC pause time, reduces cloud computing cost, predicts outages, provides effective metrics for capacity planning. To learn about the profound advantages of GC log analysis, please refer to this post. In... Continue Reading →


Recently a smart engineering manager from a major financial institution asked the question: ‘We are already using APM tool (AppDynamics), why do we need to use GC log analysis tool (GCeasy)?’. Fair question that deserves detailed answer. There are angles... Continue Reading →


Engineers analyze Garbage Collection logs primarily to troubleshoot memory related problems and tune their GC settings. However, several innovative customers of GCeasy like Apple, Dell, Cisco, T-mobile, Zendesk.... are using Garbage collection log analysis for the following purposes as well:... Continue Reading →

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