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Simulating & troubleshooting StackOverflowError in Scala

In this series of simulating and troubleshooting performance problems in Scala, let’s discuss how to simulate StackOverflowError. StackOverflowError is a runtime error, which is thrown, when a thread’s stack size exceeds its allocated memory limit. 

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Buggy App – Simulate performance problems

Buggy App is a simple java application that simulates different performance problems like Memory Leak, OutOfMemoryError, CPU spike, thread leak, StackOverflowError, deadlock, unresponsiveness, …

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Java.lang.VirtualMachineError is thrown when Java virtual machine encounters any internal error or resource limitation which prevents it from functioning. It’s a self-defensive mechanism employed by JVM to prevent entire application from crashing.In this article lets discuss different types of VirtualMachineError, their characteristics, reasons why they get triggered and potentials solutions to fix them.

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