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SaaS business CEO’s view on Garbage Collection

Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho corporation, is a great inspiration for several engineers and entrepreneurs. Starting from a humble beginning, how he has built one of the largest SaaS businesses is an eye-opening journey for all of us. I was... Continue Reading →

CMS GC algorithm removed from Java 14?

Java Concurrent Mark & Sweep (CMS) algorithm is known for concurrently marking and sweeping the memory regions without a significant pause. However, the Concurrent Mark & Sweep algorithm took an unexpected turn when it was deprecated in Java 9 and... Continue Reading →

Java CMS GC Tuning

Java Concurrent Mark & Sweep (CMS) algorithm operates by dividing the garbage collection process into multiple phases, concurrently marking and sweeping the memory regions without a significant pause. While its design brings benefits in terms of reduced pause times, it... Continue Reading →

Serial GC Tuning

Tailored for simplicity and effectiveness, the Serial GC operates with a single-threaded approach, making it particularly relevant for smaller-scale applications and scenarios where stringent latency requirements aren't the primary concern. In this post, we will explore techniques to tune Serial... Continue Reading →

GraalVM vs OpenJDK GC Performance Comparison

In this article, we are going to  compare the performance of Garbage Collection(GC) of OpenJDK and GraalVM. The GraalVM is a popular open source JVM implementation in Java with a capability to run applications as native images. Apart from that, it... Continue Reading →

Problems With Finalizer

In Java, the finalize method has been part of the language since its early days, offering a mechanism to perform cleanup activities before an object is garbage collected. However, using finalizers has come under scrutiny due to several performance-related concerns.... Continue Reading →

Cruising to Savings: Uber’s Roadmap to Efficient Go Garbage Collection

Uber focused on reducing the cost of compute capacity by improving efficiency. They saved 70K Cores Across 30 Mission-Critical Services by doing Go GC Tuning. Here, we are going to summarize how they implemented it, what they have achieved, and... Continue Reading →

In which region intern strings are stored?

intern() is an interesting function in java.lang.String object. intern() function eliminates duplicate string objects from the application and has potential to reduce overall memory consumption of your application. To understand how string intern() function works you may refer to this... Continue Reading →

How to do GC Log analysis?

Analyzing garbage collection log provides several advantages like: Reduces GC pause time, reduces cloud computing cost, predicts outages, provides effective metrics for capacity planning. To learn about the profound advantages of GC log analysis, please refer to this post. In... Continue Reading →

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