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Java ZGC algorithm Tuning

ZGC is a specialized garbage collector that focuses on managing large heaps and minimizing pauses in Java applications. It tackles the challenges of garbage collection in scenarios where memory-intensive workloads and consistent response times are vital. Leveraging concurrent processing capabilities and advanced algorithms, ZGC offers an effective solution for optimizing performance in modern Java applications. In this post, we will explore techniques to tune ZGC for enhanced performance specifically. However, if you want to learn more basics of Garbage Collection tuning, you may watch this JAX London conference talk.

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How to reduce CPU consumption caused by Garbage Collection?

All the modern programming languages such as Golang, nodejs, Java, .net, python,…. does automatic garbage collection to remove unreferenced objects from memory. While this automatic garbage collection provides convenience to developers, it can come at a cost: excessive CPU consumption. The constant cycles devoted to garbage collection causes couple of side effects:

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